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Steely Dan

Steely Dan - Deacon Blues Sheet Music - Big Band Arrangement / Chart : New Image for America

Steely Dan - Deacon Blues Sheet Music - Big Band Arrangement / Chart : Steely Dan Image for America

Steely Dan - Deacon Blues Sheet Music - Big Band Arrangement / Chart : Sample Image for America



Artist: Steely Dan


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A note-for-note transcription of this classic Steely Dan track from the album Aja. This version is arranged as a big band instrumental and is based on the original chart by legendary LA session player Tom Scott. It features tenor saxophone, playing both the melody in the first half of the first verse and the improvised solos in the middle section and towards the end of the chart. Trombones also feature in the second half of each verse, and solo trumpet takes the melody in the first half of the second verse. The chorus melody is played by the alto saxes backed by the trumpets. The chart is interesting harmonically, featuring typical Steely Dan chromatic chord changes (Dmaj7 - Asus2/C# - Cmaj7 - Gsus2/B). Arranged for 5444 big band, complete with score and parts.

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This is the day

Of the expanding man

That shape is my shade

There where I used to stand

It seems like only yesterday

I gazed through the glass

At ramblers

Wild gamblers

That's all in the past


You call me a fool

You say it's a crazy scheme

This one's for real

I already bought the dream

So useless to ask me why

Throw a kiss and say goodbye

I'll make it this time

I'm ready to cross that fine line




Learn to work the saxophone

I'll play just what I feel

Drink Scotch whiskey all night long

And die behind the wheel

They got a name for the winners in the world

I want a name when I lose

They call Alabama the Crimson Tide

Call me Deacon Blues


My back to the wall

A victim of laughing chance

This is for me

The essence of true romance

Sharing the things we know and love

With those of my kind



That stagger the mind


I crawl like a viper

Through these suburban streets

Make love to these women

Languid and bittersweet

I'll rise when the sun goes down

Cover every game in town

A world of my own

I'll make it my home sweet home




This is the night

Of the expanding man

I take one last drag

As I approach the stand

I cried when I wrote this song

Sue me if I play too long

This brother is free

I'll be what I want to be





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